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Ovechkin smacks camera

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what a baby. sid is a crybaby? nope. ovechkin.
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Seriously? how is that being a cry baby. I wouldn't ever want a camera being shoved in my face win or lose, that's just classless by the reporter or whoever was holding the camera in his face.

And how is that being a cry baby? He just shoved the camera out of his face, he didn't go to an official and ask for hats to be taken off the ice, or take a dive at center ice when he was nudged on a face off, and act like he was shot.
Shoved in his face??? The cameraman was standing there as Ovechkin approached HIM. You are a superstar hockey player, people are going to take your picture and record you, get over it.
shoved in his face? seriously?
Yes, how do you think they camera got like a foot away from his face?

And I don't care if that was Crosby either. When you're on the phone, after a huge loss and someone is trying to stick a camera in you're face what are you going to do? smile and wave. No, the guys lucky he didn't kick the **** out of him.

And other people are agreeing with me, so it's not just me
Guess, what! Ovachicken is a super star, a public figure people are gonna take his picture, ask for interviews. he'll be lucky if the person holding the camera doesn't file charges. If he didn't want attention he should have took up working @ Mcdonalds instead of hockey.
wow, you're real mature. calling him Ovachicken. And of course he's a super star. People will take his picture, people will want his autograph, people we want to talk to him. But the guy just lost a huge game, he was talking on his phone, he obviously didn't want to be bothered but one retard had to be stupid and shove a camera in his face, you think any other player wouldn't of reacted the same way. What the hell do you think Avery would have done?

don't post if you're just going to make fun of players you don't like, because if that was Crosby you would be backing him all day.
so the reason your defending ovechkin is because he is a player you like, and not because of his supposed justified actions, and if it was crosby or another star player you would be lambasting them, im a penguins fan and i agree that crosby can be at times a whiner, and that ovechkin or 'the great ape' as i like to call him can be arrogant and sulky, the main issue here is that the guy, when it was clear the russians werent going to win, threw a hissy fit and couldnt play due to an 'injury' that miraculously healed when the russians got a powerplay.

Maybe its because i dislike ovechkin after his hit on gonchar and that he is probably the best player in the league in terms of player prescence, but to me he will always fall in to that category along with mike richards and jeff carter of players i cant stand.
Please read my previous posts before you try and rip me. I clearly stated that if it were crosby i would be taking his side aswell. Badat is just a Crosby supporter and an Ovechkin hater, so I just said what he would do.

And I hardly call getting hit in the hand with a puck a "hissy fit" and if you watched the rest of the game, he came back like 3 minutes later, and played moer than just the power play. He's a competitor, just like guys like Crosby.

And I can't blame you for being a Pens fan and hating Ovechkin, he's a rival I understand that. But again, I said i'd protect Crosby if this happened to him in a previous post, so please don't lambaste me because I'm a Caps fan
yeah maybe i was too harsh, but i do see ovechkin as a player who seems at times to lack heart, and when he gets frustrated, do silly things, punching a camera and dirty plays (whether intentional or unintentional), i would probably add kovalchuk and malkin in that group as well, which at best can be seen as competitve and at worst childish and unsporting, obviously as a caps fan you probably know which side of this ovy falls on better than i do, ill admit i only watch wasington on center ice when either the penguins or an atlantic division game isnt on, and as a pens fan my view will differ, ill assume he is a overhyped matt cooke style player (who i love btw, like colby armstrong before him) as most of the 'bad' ovechkin stuff i see is only via youtube.
I would never say he lacks heart. and if his cheap plays are intentional or not. They happen because, A. he skates wide, and B. he's extremely physical. He never does stupid things when games matter. he's very smart about that stuff. And I also love Cooke from his short stint in Washington, gritty player who's not afraid to get involved, but like Ovechkin gets himself in sticky situations because of his physicality
agreed that ovechkin never lacks heart when theres a chance of victory, the 7 game series between us last year showed, which is my favourite seies of stanley cup playoff hockey, was just a shame it couldnt be the eastern conference final, maybe this year, hey, and yeah cookie is one of the unheralded players in pittsburgh along with mike rupp in my opinion who have brought great depth and mean we dont have to play godard every time things could get nasty.

Nice to talk to a caps fan who doesnt bring out the crosby sucks argument too....
Even as a Caps fan, that was one of the greatest series I've ever seen. And Rupp has had a tremendous year for you guys.

And yeah, don't worry. I'm not a big fan of Crosby, but he's a top talent in the league. I do hate when people say either one of them sucks. just ignorant people. But hey man, stay active on this site. We need more people on here like you. even if you are a Pens fan:cheeky4:
ill be here when the kid lifts no 4 for the burgh in june :cheeky4:
you mean the great 8 right>;)
if you get a shut down defenceman and varlamov fit maybe :bt your boys and new jersey, for the exact opposite reasons are the biggest threats
yeah, I really wanted Volchenkov, but the way the Sens have been playing they won't trade him. But if we could get out hands on a guy like Jackman from St. Louis I would be pretty happy
yeah volchenkov is really good he and his defensive partner (name escapes me) have kept crosby to 2 goals in all the meetings between pens and sens, he also has a cannon on him... him and green, would be an absolute blue line force in terms of offence, not that the caps need it.

i wanted us to take a shot at scott neidermeyer but he hasnt looked great in the olympics, damn salary cap, wish we could have kept scuderi....

i think weve derailed this thread from the ovechkin is a very naughty man thread too, lol, great stuff!
yeah, the Sens always seem to be a problem fro Crosby. But he has done enough damage to other teams. lol. And neidermeyer would bring great experience to the Pens along with skill, and leadership.

And yeah, we might be a little off topic. lol, but it's all good
YEah, c'mon. Ovechkin is evil, man. He is the anti-christ of hockey. HE's a bad, bad, man. ;)
ahhhhhh Charlio. (Bags shakes head to himself)
LoL you think I was the first person to call him Ovachicken? The person has every right to film Ovachicken in a public place and if Ovachicken has a problem with it he should stay in his room instead of acting like a spoiled child who didn't get his way. The guy didn't put the Camera in Ovachickens face they walked to the Camera holder, who could file charges if he wants.
you're the first I've seen on this website. And it's funny the only people who haven't taken his side are Pens fans, or Crosby fans. And AWESOME, maybe he will file charges, COOL you act like that would be the first time it's ever happened or he'll get jail time or something. He'll get a small fine which he could most likely pull out of his pocket right now. I don't think you understand when you're on you're phone you don't want to be interrupted. He didn't go out of his way to shove the camera out of his face, he was walking to where ever he was going. The guy was a dick for doing what he did.
still no excuse for that behavior. bottle it up, let it out somewhere else.
really? you act like he punched someone in the face and pounded them into submission or curse someone out. he shoved a camera out of his face while on the phone. Stop being biased
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