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Hi there!

Welcome back, it’s great to see you again.

Frankly I wasn’t sure if this column would make it to week 2, it’s been rough for the Canucks optimists of the world this last little bit.

But unlike Dot Comedy, the side-splitting American sitcom that lasted all but one episode before being canned, Optimist Prime is back for more.

Since last week’s column was just an introduction, I’m treating the second week, well, like a second date. It’s time you found out what makes OP tick.

I was born in Hope, BC, to parents Faith and Felix. Growing up I was always taught that no matter how hard life gets, it’s important to keep things in perspective because at the end of the day, a lot of things don’t matter in the bigger picture.

Naturally, this led to the most optimistic upbringing you’ve ever seen. At age six I was bedridden with some mystery illness that routinely emptied my breakfast, lunch or supper onto the floor. Did this bother me? Heck no, I got to watch Thundercats all day.

When I was nine-years-old I got hit by a car while biking and broken bones aside, I was simply relieved it was a BMW that mowed me down and not a Ford.

I took the upside of getting worked over by a bully at age 16 as well. After his fists rearranged my ribs, he kicked sand in my face. Forget the gritty pebbles in my eyes, mouth and up my nose, the sand helped exfoliate my skin and clear up my ache. Goodbye pizza face!

You get the picture, I’m foolishly optimistic.

That’s why when the Vancouver Canucks start the season 0-3, I don’t freak out. If they were an NFL team then sure, it’s time to absolutely FrEak OuT. The Canucks are not a football team, which most local scribes (see left) have yet to realize. That makes what they were writing during this past week absolutely laughable. I heard after Vancouver’s loss to Columbus that one reporter wrote an open letter to Jim Balsillie begging him to end our misery and move the team to Hamilton.

Then the Canucks spanked the Canadiens and the optimist in us all resurfaced. Fans cheered, the players smiled and even the writers took it easy on the team, perhaps cluing into the fact that there’s still 78 games to go.

Having said that, over the next 78 games the Canucks are going to lose again, at least once. When that happens, let’s learn from the beginning of this season and just reeeeeeeeelax. Keep in mind that losing is struggling and some struggles are worth it in the end.

When Vancouver loses another game all us optimists need to unite, stand tall and look those pessimists in the eyes and say Baa-ram-ewe. Baa-ram-ewe. To your city, your province, your team be true. Canucks fans be true. Baa-ram-ewe.

If that doesn’t work, take a page from the book of the bombastic ladies who taught Ryan Kesler and Kevin Bieksa a thing or two about NHL 2K10 and threaten to bake the pessimists into a lemon bar and eat them.

Either way the optimists win.

Who is Optimist Prime? He's an eternal Canucks believer whose glass is always half full, even when it's empty.

Throughout the 2009-10 season, Optimist will take a lighthearted look at the Canucks while never losing the faith. It's Cup time baby!

This column can be found every Friday on
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