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This is about the general uselessness of stickies and most of the subforums. A cursory glance at the AHL forum (my whipping boy for this particular complaint) reveals six stickies:

-One sticky has zero additional posts, zero discussion, and zero original opinions

-One sticky has 4 posts, zero discussion, zero opinions, zero original content

-One sticky has five responses but only two points of discussion (neither of whom were addressed), zero opinions, zero original thought

-One sticky is an annoucement from 9 months ago with only one point of feedback, no discussion

-Two stickies with 100+ responses but well over 95% of which are simple points of easily accessable information rather than an actual conversation, some posts as simple as (and I quote) "No games scheduled" or "no transactions today"

That's just the stickies. Looking at the actual forum, only two of the last fifty threads have more than ZERO responses. Guess how many responses those two threads each got? It's a one-digit number, and it's less than 2.


My point is that while there was plenty of bad insight and analysis on the old site, at least there was some insight and analysis. If I need news on hockey, I can easily go to; I come here because I enjoy discussing topics and comparing ideas and opinions.

Can we PLEASE get rid of the useless stickys and one-post threads? This is NOT limited to the AHL section, EVERY section on this entire board has this problem and when combined, navigating the site is like swimming through mud. In some cases, like the AHL subforum, can we just eliminate it altogether?
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