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Goal-scoring in the NHL has been going through a transitional phase in recent years.

Gone are the days of one-timers from the slot or end to end rushes with jerseys rippling in the wind, even with the crack down on hooking and holding penalty calls.

Defensive systems are far too advanced to allow elusive players any alone time between the hash-marks or free space through the neutral zone.

These days, the majority of teams focus on maintaining control on the down-low cycle, with the hopes the defender will lose his check and give the goal-scorer a brief moment for a shot on goal – or draw a penalty.

The power-play has become one of the most important facets of today’s new NHL and if the first 28 games are any indication – the Canucks will be in a race for a playoff spot, and if they’re going to grab one of those spots, the power-play will be an important factor.

Vancouver’s man advantage has scored 18 times on 149 opportunities – good for 12.1% and 27th in the league.

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