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1. Canadiens
Club de Hockey. Traditional striping, though different on the road and home sets, and you swear they still smell like real sweaters.

2. Red Wings
The winged wheel is timeless, perfect and universally recognizable, probably even in Munich or Minot.

3. Maple Leafs.
The best accommodation between traditional and modern. There have been tweaks, but not ruination.

(See a pattern here?)

4. Blackhawks
The PC-NCAA might not want the Blackhawks to host a regional, but this is another logo and design that stands the test of time. Maybe it's because the Wirtzes didn't want to pay anyone to come up with something new, but old works.

5. Bruins
A spoked Bear just wouldn't be the same. And these are the right colors, too, because it's impossible to picture the B's in UCLA blue and gold (though kicker Zenon Andrusyshyn, the one-time Bruins' great, probably would have played left wing in this era).

6. Flames
It's funny how the historical background of the name doesn't really seem to matter any longer, but it still works with the "C" replacing the "A."

7. Flyers
The only problem this year is that the "P" stands for "putrid."

8. Kings
Anything would have been better than those original Jack Kent Cooke-era monstrosities, and this is the best redesign, in a new color scheme, that didn't go overboard. The best of the new wave.

9. Blues
The Blues have screwed up a lot over the years, but the "note" now looks great.

10. Rangers
The ties. The diagonal, simple lettering. At times, you want to leave the Garden and look for Jackie Gleason holding court in Toots Shor's.

11. Panthers
Fierce logo and good colors, if folks can find them way out there in the suburbs, halfway to Atlanta.

12. Oilers.
Some color touch-ups, but the uniforms still are sufficiently reminiscent of the dynastic era.

13. Penguins
Switching over from the blue to join the Steelers and Pirates during the "We Are Family" era might have been a lame copycat move, but it's held up as an improvement.

14. Avalanche
They have to grow on you, but not bad considering how rushed the designing was in the move from Quebec -- and the fortunate rejection of the trial-balloon first choice for a team name, the Rocky Mountain Xtreme.

15. Senators
The Roman-themed logo sure looks a lot better than something based on a fat guy in a suit in the upper house of the Canadian Parliament.

16. Islanders
Uh, OK, well, I suppose it would be impolitic to say that the Gorton's fish sticks logo was not that bad? If so, never mind. Regardless, the return to the traditional was a wise move.

17. Stars
They should have called them the South Stars, but otherwise, the scheme works.

18. Devils
Once they got rid of the Christmas-sweater colors, they looked a lot better.

19. Canucks
Another radical change from the old colors and the stick logo, this hasn't been as trashed as the Islanders' ill-fated innovation. Now all they need to do is to someday sign a guy named "Ahab."

20. Capitals
The new logo is busy but effective, and, again, the new scheme is an improvement on the red, white and blue that played out in the dark building in Landover, Md.

21. Hurricanes
Yeah, that's supposed to be the eye of the storm, but...

22. Wild
The logo is indecipherable. At least adopt the Wild Man of Borneo (or Bloomington) or something like that.

23. Ducks
Another foreshadowing change. Give them credit: At least they didn't copy any of Oregon's football uniforms.

24. Blue Jackets
Ulysses S. Grant would have to have been drunk to consent to wearing one of the jerseys. So maybe he did wear one.

25. Coyotes
They should change their name to "Werewolves of London."

26. Sharks
Teal should go the way of the Nehru jacket.

27. Predators
Could those teeth be any longer?

28. Lightning
They still look like homemade jerseys, with lettering done by hand with a Sharpie.

29. Thrashers
Did they and the Hurricanes have the same designer? It's hard to spot the bird at all.

30. Sabres
Go Slugs!
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