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Hey Guys!

New to the forums. I'm stoked for the season.

I grew up watching the NHL and playing street hockey around Denver Colorado. I'm an AVID Aves fan as well as Boston. Never really played organized but I was on my skates with a stick every chance I got. I was one of the best around my area and could of done well in organized hockey. I ended up going to school to be a music teacher. I had to choose between staying in school or pursuing hockey. I went with school and achieved my goal of teaching music. However, it didn't fulfill me. After some recent events in my life, I'm looking at a career change. Unfortunately I'm 26 and not too sure there is a chance for me to pursue hockey now. But I can at least surround myself with hockey lovers!!!

Anyway, hope to talk to you guys soon! Enjoy!!

Get it AVES!!!!!
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