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***** New League taking apps *****

Nationial Sim Hockey League

24 Team League
Real NHL Players to start with
Season 1 will be underway once the league is full
Website up:
Message Board is up:
We will be simming around 2 seasons per each NHL season.
We will be drafting the NHL 2010 draft class after season 1.
We will be going "fantasy" players after this draft class
No NHL re-rates, this will be a sim re-rate league.

Team Wanted 1:
Team Wanted 2:
Team Wanted 3:

Years playing sim hockey?
Have you ever used STHS V2?
How many times do you submit lines?
Amount of time spent on the league per week?
Are you active on the Message board?
What would you say the appropriate response time would be for a trade offer?
Tell me a little about yourself.

Send email applications to: [email protected]

NsHL CommissionerNsimhL Commissioner
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