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Hello, I have looked at a few of these Wrestling leagues, and wow people have great imagination.

I want to come up with something diffrent, and i mean...completely diffrent. This is an Hockey league, and yes if you dont know anything about hockey that is ok. You still sign up on a Hockey team, so lets say i want to be in the Calgary Flames ( and i will put up leagues for you to choose ) . I will write the games every week.

Dint understand? here, this will help,

1. Right now, i will put up a few leagues for you to choose from
2. The league you choose to sign up on is where you will play on.
3. You dont have to write nothing, its just you sign up and il use your username for your hockey player.
4. Im wwerko619, so i would be wwerko619 as my player, and lets say i signed up for Calgary Flames.
5. So then i schedule a game for your team.
6. There has to be alot of players here, so tell your friends.
7. There is alot of leagues, and if you get tired of your league, there is a draft each 4 months.
8. I write the game each week, and if your team wins, thats one step closer to the Stanley Cup.
9. Have fun, and if you got any questions, just PM me!


Calgary Flames

1. wwerko619 ( Jeresy #1 )

Toronto Maple Leafs

Dallas Stars

Pittsburge Penguins

Detroit Red Wings

San Jose Sharks

Edmonton Oilers

Vancouver Canucks

Montreal Canadiens

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