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This chart is a list of players signed to NHL contracts for the 2006-2007 season by the team. It does not include players signed to 2-way deals (contracts with AHL implications). The salary listed in the chart is the actual amount the player will be paid this season (source: Salary cap figures are usually slightly different depending on the length and structure of the contract, details which are usually not disclosed, and cannot therefore not be reported accurately. Though exact salary cap figures are not available on a player-by-player basis, this chart should give you a good idea of the team's cap situation.

Patrik Elias - $7.5 million [Signed seven-year deal worth $42 million]

Martin Brodeur - $5.2 million

Scott Gomez - $5 million [Signed a one-year deal]

Brian Rafalski - $4.2 million

John Madden - $3.893 million

Vladimir Malakhov - $3.6 million

Alexander Mogilny - $3.5 million

Colin White - $3 million [Signed six-year, $18 million deal]

Jamie Langenbrunner - $2.8 million [Five year, $14 million contract ]

Dan McGillis - $2.2 million

Sergei Brylin - $1.52 million

Richard Matvichuk - $1.368 million

Brad Lukowich - $1 million

Jason Wiemer - $950,000

Jay Pandolfo - $836,000

Grant Marshall - $760,000

Zach Parise - $703,000

Cam Janssen - $450,000

Michael Rupp - $450,000 [Signed one-year deal]

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Speacial note...

The Devils will be paying Patrik Elias 7.5 million USD this coming season, however, he will only be counted as $6 million under the cap... The CBA states that regardless of the dispersion of the money, the cap charge will be equal every year of the contract. The purpose is to ensure teams aren't cheating by adding less dollars under the cap in some seasons at the expense of future seasons. An example would be if the Devils signed Elias to the same deal but backloaded it, pay him $1 million this year and short of 7 million for the other six seasons, they would have an unfair advantage because they would have an additional $5 million in cap room this year... The purpose of this part of the CBA is defined perfectly in this case and, to me, explains why all these lawyers make so much money coming up with these ideas!!!
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