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Hey guys...I am a very dedicated/experienced commish and am opening up a new non-file league. EHM is the premier sim software out there IMO which is what I will be using.

The file has gone through extensive work...probably 40+ hours over the last month editing almost every player in the file...most leagues you see starting up now just grab a file and go...not me. You will be hard pressed to find a file out there that is more realistic than this one.

I have re-rated all prospects/young players using Hockey's Future and other prospect websites. So you will actually see guys that should be stars become stars!

It is a non-file league and I am NOT going to be running a team atm but rather focusing on running the league.

Lastly, the file is semi up to date after the current draft but before Free Agency. Therefore guys like Hopkins will be on EDM but not signings from July 1st.

If your not too experienced with EHM that's fine. You have to start somewhere right? As long as you have good hockey knowledge. Please post if you have any questions.
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