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Here are my thoughts on the 2006-2007 Detroit Red Wings. I have been a die-hard Detroit Red Wings fan for 13 years now. I have enjoyed success from the team my entire life. It has come until this year everyone has doubted them out of winning the cup. There are people that are even saying that they will not even make the playoffs this season. The Wings did go out and get a few new aqusitions. Players like Dominik Hasek, Danny Markov, and Greg Johnson were aquired. Greg Johnson did retire last week. Hasek has played poor so far. Markov has played alwright but not up to his potential.

What the Wings really need is another big goal scorer. With the lost of 40-goal scorer Brendan Shanahan this will be a very deep whole to fill. Jiri Hudler is expected to pick up some slack after an amazing season down in the Red Wings affiliate the Grand Rapids Griffons. Maybe the Wings should go after someone like Peter Bondra of Glen Murray. As of current it doesn't look like they will make the playoffs. Maybe Hasek can pick up his play and lead the team to the playoffs.

We will see how things go.

Lets Go Red Wings!
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