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Most Canadiens players empathize with former teammate Theodore
Canadian Press
Oct 22, 2006, 12:05 AM EDT

MONTREAL (CP) - Most of Jose Theodore's former teammates on the Montreal Canadiens admitted to feeling a little sorry for him as they put five third period goals past him in a wild 8-5 victory.

But not Sheldon Souray.

"Why would I?" Souray asked. "I don't feel for anybody. The media makes it a bigger deal than it is. I'm sure for (Theodore) coming in here was special for him, but for us it's just another game and he's just another goalie. We have a good thing going here. We have a great feeling in this room, a great feeling of togetherness, and that's what we're worried about, not anybody else."

That's not how most of Souray's teammates felt about the return of the one-time hometown hero who was traded at the deadline last year to the Colorado Avalanche for David Aebischer.

"He was here for such a long time and we all know all the things he did for our team, so it wasn't easy," Koivu said. "It's different when he's a goalie and you don't have to face him on the ice that much, but I'm sure this one was a tough one for him. And I'm sure he was nervous.

"I don't think anybody really knew what to expect from this game."

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