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Moreau's Status Updated

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On Friday morning, Oilers Head Medical Trainer Ken Lowe gave an update on the status of injured forward Ethan Moreau.

Moreau had surgery yesterday on his shoulder in Cleveland with Dr. Tony Minaci.

"I talked to Ethan a couple hours afterward and he felt good," said Lowe. "He'll be on the plane sometime this afternoon, coming home."

Lowe wasn't sure if the surgery was done by scope or scalpel but in the end he said that wouldn't make a difference.

"Whether he did it through the scope or did it through the scalpel it still has to take so much time for the tissue to heal."

"Our only concern is he's the surgeon who did it and we're going to have to follow by his guidelines, not ours."

Although operating out of the Cleveland Clinic, Dr. Minaci is a Canadian and has previously worked out of Toronto and Western in London, Ontario.

"He's done Ethan before so Ethan is comfortable with it."

The Oilers have seen similar injuries, and in fact Josh Green was back in eight weeks after having both his shoulders done.

As for timelines, look for Moreau to be out at least 12 more weeks
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