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The Halifax Mooseheads announced today that they will be wearing two newly designed uniforms next season to adhere with the CHL mandate to have all junior teams wearing the new RBK Edge style uniforms.

The new uniforms will be a re-designed look on the traditional red, white and green uniforms the Mooseheads have worn since their inaugural season of 1994.

"We felt strongly that the Halifax Mooseheads brand is built on the traditional logo, with the red and white based uniforms and it was very important to keep this look for our fans", said Brian Urquhart, Mooseheads Vice President, Business Operations. "The new RBK Edge style clearly modernizes this traditional look and gives the brand a fresh look for our fans moving forward".

All alternate/third jerseys are discontinued for this season. The Mooseheads intend to bring back the popular "Halifax" scripted black jersey in RBK Edge style for 2010-11.

The team also announced that all Halifax Mooseheads Season Ticket Holders will exclusively receive a $50 gift certificate for the new Mooseheads RBK Edge jerseys. "This exclusive offer rewards our most loyal fans for their tremendous support" stated Urquhart.

The new Mooseheads jerseys for next season can be seen on the Halifax Mooseheads official website at
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