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jeanthehabtiste said:

Have any of you out here ever been to any games at the Forum?

Have you been there lately?

....the pics are cool..but do any of you folks have any stories to share about the old Froum on Atwater?


Hi...I'm Jean.:)
Hello jean i saw 2 games at the montreal forum both games were with detroit playing montreal. last game i saw was ROYS last game with montreal detroit killed montreal that nite. i loved going to the forum. it was well kept and very clean inside.i still dont understand why they left there even after all of these years.i have a photo of me inside the hockey night in canada set inside the montreal forum in the thread called post a photo of yourself. i will be posting more photos here of the montreal forum very soon. Welcome to the board jean. i am sure that you will enjoy yourself here.

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The Forum was a place I never had a chance to see a game.
I'll always be heavy hearted about that.

I did go a few times to see a movie there in the past few years though, and I don't know if you guys are superstitious at all, but I got a really weird feeling being in there and looking up to still see the old rafters and stand on the center ice spot they kept.

For the record...Montreal is a beautiful place and Quebec in general is amazing...;)

I just love the Montreal Canadiens, all the history and the heritage of the game in Montreal.
Being a beer league goalie, I am always inspired to play all winter because of my love of the Habs.

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They ruined the forum now they shouldve kept so you could at least honour the tradition of such a great and amazing place and play hockey in it. If I was a dead spirit of a hockey player i would haunt all the old buildings that they ruined just to make money its embarassing what people will do for cash. But I want a seat too :)
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