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Bob McKenzie
10/3/2006 11:20:01 AM

The New Jersey Devils' salary cap problems are rapidly diminishing.

Sources tell TSN that an independent medical evaluation has determined that Alexander Mogilny's chronic hip condition makes him physically unfit to play and that when the Devils file their roster with the league Tuesday, they will be able to designate Mogilny as a Long-Term Injury.

''The neutral physician ... determined that the player is disabled and unable to perform his duties as an NHL hockey player, which includes playing in NHL games,'' deputy commissioner Bill Daly told The Canadian Press in an e-mail.

That means the Devils will be able to spend above the salary cap to the amount of Mogilny's contract, which is $3.5 million, for as long as Mogilny remains on Long-Term Injury. And since his condition is chronic and degenerative, Mogilny will not play a game in the NHL this season and the Devils will get the cap relief they've so desperately needed.
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