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2/6/2007 2:32:35 PM

Mark Messier is hoping to return to the New York Rangers again. This time though, he is looking to return as the general manager.

According to a report in the Toronto Sun, Messier wants to talk to current Rangers general manager Glen Sather about taking over the job when Sather decides to retire.

"I'm going to have discussions with Glen," Messier told the Sun. "I don't know how long Glen is going to keep doing it. Maybe he'll continue for another five or 10 years.

"I just know New York fits best for me and my family. And this is what I know best and what I love the most."

Messier who retired in September of 2005 also told the paper that he is going to make New York his primary residence again and that he plans on talking to Sather after the Oilers retire his jersey number on February 27.

When asked if Messier could begin an apprenticeship with Sather, the current Rangers GM didn't deny the possibility.

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