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What happened to HockeyForums? has merged with - our common goal is to provide the most dynamic and best hockey community on the web!

Do I have to register a new account if I already have one on
No! Your username, posts and post counts should have been migrated over automatically. If you are having any problems please email us at: [email protected].

Do I need a new username?
As mentioned above, you don’t need to create a new one unless you want to.

Do I need a new password?
It’s possible you may need to use the password retrieval link to reset your password from Click here.
If this does not work, please email support at: [email protected]

Do I have to pay?
No! All the usual basic forum features and privileges at are absolutely free!

What does having a premium membership give me?
You can find out more here.

How long does my premium membership last?
Unless you choose to purchase a Lifetime premium account, your free Premium membership will expire in one year’s time.

Will my post count start over at 0?
Two possible issues here:
If the account is a new account which you created before the merger then we will have to merge your new account with the old account we moved here from to add your posts and post count. The problem may also be completely different and in any case, we still have to fix it for you. To resolve this, email: [email protected] and let us know if you want your accounts merged or if you just want us to move the post count from the old account. In the case of a merge request we need you to include the name of the Hockeyforums account and the name of the new account here at

What happens to my private messages?
PMs are the same as posts and should have been moved over as well. If not, please contact support: [email protected] with your user name.

What happens to my avatar?
Avatars should be ported over as well in the move, but please feel free to contact support if yours is not available.

What happens to my signature?
We’ve moved your image signature and text over (if you had them). As long as your host is OK, you should see your signature just like it always has been.

Can I search for old posts?
All posts from have been moved over to You should be able to search for them just like any other post here.

What if the username I have is already being used by someone else?
We have set up an arbitration system for this. The arbitratration team is represented by mods/admins from both communities and will do their best to work out any conflicts.
Arbitration forum

What if I already have both a account and a account?
We can do one of several things here. If you want, we can merge the account with the new one you have here and you’ll have all your posts and post counts. Alternatively we can simply give you back your post count under your new user name. Please email [email protected] for help with this.

What happened to the mods from
The mods and admins have been invited to join our team here at They have been accorded the same rank and privileges they earned at

Who is in charge?
VerticalScope believes in allowing its Admins and Moderators to manage their communities. Our objective is to act in a supporting role to these dedicated community leaders.

Are the rules different from what they were before?
Every community sets its own rules and morality. You should definitely read up on this community’s rules here.
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