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10/10/2006 10:17:59 PM

Four games into the season, underage rookie defenceman Luc Bourdon is finally getting a chance to show the Vancouver Canucks what he can do, if you call being the seventh defenceman getting a chance.

A year ago, the rugged blueliner had a training camp where he looked like he belonged in the Canucks' starting six, but Vancouver wisely sent him back to junior to ensure his development.

This year, though, he hasn't looked nearly as comfortable and really isn't a top six guy at all. Maybe that is just him feeling the pressure of being a year older and heightened expectations to play in the NHL and play now.

In any case, it would seem the Canucks have only two options for Bourdon.

They can send him back to junior for more seasoning or keep him as a part-timer who can be brought along slowly.

That decision needs to be made before he plays his 10th NHL game, even if he's only dressing for one of every four that could be in mid-season.

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