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Bob McKenzie, Staff
10/3/2006 11:17:24 AM

Suffice to say, the natives are restless.

The natives, in this case, are NHL general managers who aren't happy with how New Jersey Devils' GM Lou Lamoriello has apparently extricated himself from a salary cap conundrum that, at one point, looked as though it might cause him to gut his team.

Now, though, with two moves over the last few days, Lamoriello looks as though he has deftly gotten cap relief to the tune of $7.1 million. That isn't to say he isn't going to be tight against the cap when the season opens and that all his problems are behind him, but he should at least be able to sign some of the players – Brian Gionta, Paul Martin and David Hale, for example – that he previously couldn't sign because of financial limitations. And it doesn't look as though the Devils will have to engage in a cap-induced fire sale to come in under the $44 million cap figure.

Did we mention a lot of his brethren aren't happy.

''This opens up a real can of worms for the league,'' said one GM, who requested anonymity. ''This is going to get ugly.''
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