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McKenzie: Get used to Commissioner Bettman

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Bob McKenzie
2/7/2007 6:31:04 PM

It has become fashionable lately to speculate on the future of NHL commissioner Gary Bettman because, as it has been reported over and over again, his contract expires at the end of next season.

Based on that supposed window of opportunity, Bettman's critics are putting together short lists of replacement candidates.

Well, there is nothing wrong with critical analysis of the job Bettman has done because the game is facing serious issues south of the border, although it's probably never been stronger in Canada. But for those who would assail Bettman and suggest the timing is right for a change, well, they should double check their facts.

Bettman's contract does not expire at the end of next season. Or the one after that.

In fact, an NHL owner tells TSN that Bettman has another five full years left on his deal after this season.

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