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Canadian Press
9/14/2006 4:27:07 PM

TORONTO (CP) - The Toronto Maple Leafs made plenty of changes for the new NHL season and one that is about to happen might have the most favourable impact of them all.

Mats Sundin will get more playing time.

The big Swedish centre can expect new head coach Paul Maurice to have him on the ice well in excess of the nearly 20 minutes a game he logged last season. The onus will be on the captain to lead the Leafs' bid to return to the playoffs.

"I've always had players in those roles play an awful lot of minutes relative to the rest of the league," Maurice said during the opening day of training camp Thursday. "The three TV time-outs during games, charter flights, better nutrition - all those things point to your better players playing more."

"The biggest thing though is that there's not the same price to be paid to play hockey as there was two years ago. Mats Sundin, to get to the front of the net two years ago, had to give back five sticks by the time he got to the bench. The wear and tear on these guys has changed."

TSN : NHL - Canada's Sports Leader

YEAH, YEAH, He just want's to throw everybody off, it's the Leafs way of doing things!!!!
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