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Anyone watching the March Madness? It's been terrific so far. Some real shockers. Duke lost to LSU. Villanova almost lost to Boston College. What I like most after March Madness is how the games are so exciting. March Madness is the best part about basketball, no question. Who do you think will win?

I think it will possibly be Texas, UCONN, Villanova, and LSU in the final four. Villanova and UCONN will go to the finals and UCONN will win. UCONN is an unbelievable team that deserves to win the March Madness.

There are also some very good basketball players in this tourney such as Adam Morrison of Gonzaga, J.J Reddick of Duke, and Randy Foye of Villanova who are expected to be top five picks in next year's NBA draft.

This thread will be outlining events of the March Madness, NCAA basketball.
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