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1/2 way into the Regular season, how would you rate the performance of the Toronto Ma

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Here we go again:

41 games in to season, the Leafs are 18-17-6. The team is currently in 8th place in the East, the last playoff spot.

They have scored 131 Goals for, and have 138 Goals Against them.

You may use the Report Cards of sort at the bottom to grade the Leafs on how you think they are performing individually if you wish, and give a discription of how the team is on a whole in different situations, and maybe a little bit on a player here and there and why you're grading them higher or lower.

Here is the last discussion in relation to this topic:

Grade the Leafs:

Nik Antropov = B-
Jean-Sebastien Aubin = B+
Bates Battaglia = B+
Wade Belak = D- (defence) / D (offence)
Brendan Bell = C-
Carlo Colaiacovo = A
Boyd Devereaux = B+
Hal Gill = B-
Jay Harrison = D
Tomas Kaberle = A
Chad Kilger = B-
Pavel Kubina = A
Bryan McCabe = C-
Jeff O'Neill = B+
Ben Ondrus = D
Michael Peca = B+
Johnny Pohl = B+
Alexei Ponikarovsky = A-
Andrew Raycroft = A-
Matt Stajan = B+
Alexander Steen = C+
Alexander Suglobov = B-
Mats Sundin = A+
Darcy Tucker = A
Kyle Wellwood = A-
Ian White = C+
Andy Wozniewski = B

Offence: B-
Defence: D+
Goaltending: A
Coaching: B+
Overall Grade: C

Vote: Inconsistent at best

Your summary: Well, like I mentioned before, there is still too much for this team to work on before they can be deemed one of the league's elite.

Their goaltending has been more than enough to win, and then some. Unfortunately, the defence has been horrible at best. many mistakes made. Of course there are players o nthe blueline playing well. Tomas Kaberle, the newly aqcuired Pavel Kubina, and the reutrning Carlo Coalaicovo for started. Colaiacovo's return seems to have an immediate impact on the performance of the teams. At the same time, Hal Gill has not been nearly as good as he was to start off the season. He's been mediocre for the most part, and even played a few bad ones. However, that is not where it ends:

To help even out the good, Rookie Ian White and veteran defenceman Bryan McCabe. As sad as I think it is, I truely do believe that McCabe has been the worst of the top 6. his point production means very little when he continues to let forwards diddle and daddle around the front of the net uncontested, and his penalties always seem to be the back-breaking one. I hope a drop in his ice-time and a fall from the 1st line pairing will him him finally start to work on a more complete game.

Offencively, the team had lost quite a few players, but they still have enough to put the puck in the net. Losing players like Kyle Wellwood and Alexei Ponikarovsky, who are both having career years (and I mean really good seasons) does hurt, but if Matt Stajan and Alexander Steen can step up to the plate (moreso Alex Steen), and Johnny Pohl can continue to perform like he has the last while, they should do okay.

As for Coaching... there are still a few oddities about the style of Paul Maurice, but he hasn't done worse than Quinn. The team's play is concern enough for him to go nuts on the bench time and time again. Maybe a move for some offence on the wing is needed to even make the playoffs, but time will tell at 3/4 of the way in.

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Grade the Leafs:

Nik Antropov = B
Jean-Sebastien Aubin = B+
Bates Battaglia = B+
Wade Belak = D overall
Brendan Bell = C+
Carlo Colaiacovo = A-
Boyd Devereaux = B+
Hal Gill = C
Jay Harrison = D
Tomas Kaberle = A+
Chad Kilger = B
Pavel Kubina = B
Bryan McCabe = C+
Jeff O'Neill = B+
Ben Ondrus = C
Michael Peca = C+
Johnny Pohl = A-
Alexei Ponikarovsky = A+
Andrew Raycroft = B+
Matt Stajan = B
Alexander Steen = C
Alexander Suglobov = B
Mats Sundin = A+
Darcy Tucker = A
Kyle Wellwood = A
Ian White = B-
Andy Wozniewski = B-

Offence: B+
Defence: C
Goaltending: B+
Coaching: A-
Overall Grade: B-

Vote: Inconsistent at best

Your Summary:I dont like the leafs, but I dont absoulutely hate them. I aint going to make a very long summary, but lots of people think 1 or 2 superstar or very talented guys could boost this team really high in the standings, but the truth is the leafs are a long way of being a great team. They would need 5 or 6 really talented guys to become a high team in the standings.

So far this year i the leafs have been playing great until they hit the very long losing streak which really affected thier spot in the standings. They have a great coach, Sundin is an incredible leader, and a decent team. I expect them to have a better 2nd half of the season and push for that 8th or 7th spot in the east.
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