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Major League Hockey

Major League Hockey (MLH) is a fictional based "Simon T Hockey Simulator" league. The league is being formed solely for the enjoyment of it's members (or General Managers). In order to participate in the MLH, all members must agree to adhere to this Constitution. By doing so, you are acknowledging certain responsibilities involved with your participation and are agreeing to uphold them in an effort to make this playing experience as enjoyable as possible for everyone involved.

At all times, members are expected to be courteous and respectful to their league-mates. The MLH is established not only as a hockey league but as a social experience. While disagreements and debates will always be a part of any gathering of individuals, it is expected that members will treat one other with due dignity. All new league GMs will use their real names for their in-game avatar to facilitate familiarity between members.

Participants are expected to be both competitive with and courteous to their fellow GMs. MLH is a league that rewards participation and competitive play. All members are expected to live up to this standard and agree to do their utmost to put forth the best franchise they possibly can. At the same time, members acknowledge that MLH is a social experience as well. Members participate to have fun and communicate with like-minded hockey fans.

Members are expected to respond politely to your fellow GMs’ trade proposals (no matter how unrealistic they may be). This can be as simple as saying, “I am not interested at this time.” Members must respond to trade communications – however briefly – within four days of their receipt. If you have sent a communication to a fellow GM and received no response within this time frame, you may send a complaint to myself.

MLH puts a great deal of value on creative writing submission from its members. Members receive PPT for taking the time to better the league with their contributions. PPT can be exchanged for a variety of useful benefits and writing is the best way to earn them, so contributing news articles is highly recommended for all members.

My responsibilities to members include timely sims, maintaining the website and forums, fairness in addressing members’ desires/concerns, and clear communication if/when unforeseen events arise. Above all else, I have a responsibility never to abuse its status. I promise to not alter/adjust sim results to favor a particular team or divulging “inside information” that would lead to a competitive advantage.

Here are some of the rules that I would like to put forward to begin our inaugural season. These are not the complete set of rules, they are just here to give you an idea of how the league will work. I am open to rule changes if they can be improved upon.

GM Expectations

a. Activity is required, articles about your team, the league, the players or anything MLH related are expected. Posts are also required when you plan to be away for an extended period of time. If the league needs to take care of the team while you are away please let us know.

b. At the end of every season, Participation Points will be tallied up. Teams failing to meet the required Participation Points may receive a warning, or termination.

c. Any attempt to circumvent the spirit of the rules and fair play will result in disciplinary action handed out by the Commissioner, which may include a fine, penalty or termination.

d. The Commissioner has the final say on all matters. All constructive criticism will be taken into consideration.

Participation Points

a. Participation Points are the lifeblood of the MLH. As a Commissioner, I have only a couple ways of encouraging participation amongst other GMs. One way is to run a great league, which is what I plan on doing. Another way is to reward GMs who do participate. Participation Points can be used to purchase things such as Hockey Camps, Position Changes and Signing Bonuses. Examples of how to earn and spend points are below.

Voting on Polls = 1 Participation Point
Voting on Awards = 1 Participation Point
Team Article = 2 Participation points
League Article = 3 Participation Points
Todays Games Preview = 2 Participation Points


Hockey Camps = 6 - 10 Participation Points
Position Changes = 16 Participation Points
Signing Bonuses = 'X' Participation Points

As the league evolves, the amount spent and earned may change. New things may also be included in spending such as arena seats.. etc.

b. Not only are Participation Points a way to spend and earn rewards, but it's a way for me as Commissioner to see which GMs are helping to keep the league a fun place to play. GMs who do not earn enough Participation Points may be terminated. A Warning is always given first with termination being last resort. I have not yet set a cap as to how many participation points GMs need to accumulate, but there will be one in place.

Anyone not familiar with the STHS simulator can ask me all the questions they want. I will be glad to help you out. The STHS client (used to change your lines) and this league are 100% free. I would recommend it to any fantasy hockey fan.

Anyone interested in joining the MLH can email me at [email protected]

League website:
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