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Lupul leads Oilers past Canucks

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Associated Press
9/28/2006 12:28:13 AM

EDMONTON (CP) - Joffrey Lupul is doing his best to make Edmonton Oiler fans feel good about the Chris Pronger trade.

Lupul had a goal and two assists as the veteran-laden Oilers defeated the Vancouver Canucks 5-4 in exhibition action Wednesday.

Lupul, an Edmonton-area native who also scored a goal against Calgary last Saturday on his 23rd birthday, now has four points in four pre-season games since joining the Oilers from the Anaheim Ducks in the Pronger trade.

Oilers head coach Craig MacTavish feels Lupul is rounding into shape nicely.

"He can make plays and the play doesn't die with him very often," he said. "He can move the puck which was obvious tonight. It's tough to judge in a game like that but he made the right play with the puck when he touched it.
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I know aqcuiring him will pay off in the end. Hes not getting much spotlight now, but he's much better than people give him credit for. I don't think that Oiler fans will be too disappointed having him on the team.
Hes an awesome player, I can't believe Anaheim gave him up, just one amazing player, Kunitz is following his footsteps I think thats why Anaheim gave him up. Now he gets a goal against my favourite team :mad:.
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