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Trying to stick to a budget ($100 or less). Don't even need it to be a new model or even NEW.
I tried on an Easton S19 at PureHockey today and it fit great, but was only available in bright yellow. I need black in case I start reffing again.

I can't find the S19 in black even online...
I tried on a Bauer 5100, and that fit nice, but was about $120 with cage
I tried on some cheap CCM 06 and that was a good fit, but I'd like to have tool-less adjustments
I tried a Reebok 7K and that was nice too.

Here's the deal: I grew up wearing Cooper SK2000s I LOVED my SK2000. I had to throw it away because it was old and moldy and the adjustment panels were broken.
It's 2012, I want something with newer levels of protection and lightness, not the old tan foam inserts of yesterday... If i wanted that I would have just bleached my SK2000.

Any suggestions? I'm a size Large in the Bauer 5100 (though not the 7500, that was too tight), the CCM 06 (that was even a shade loose), the Easton S19 and the Reebok 7K.
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