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Like most other chubby comedians

Watch Elysium Online See how easy it is to get in on the Anchorman reference game? Presumably Let Me Off at the Top! will set the stage in some way for Anchorman 2, which arrives on December 20 and follows Ron, Veronica and the entire news team as they make their way into the 80s and the advent of cable news. Though they've been doing an excellent job of rolling out teases for the film, it's been hard to pin down the most quotable lines based on trailers like this one:

Watch We're The Millers Online Left Behind, which is based on the first of many novels in the mega-popular series from authors Tim LaHaye and Jerry Jenkins, centers on a group of people left on Earth after millions of others simultaneously vanish. It’s interesting that the Variety article makes zero mention of this story's religious nature, which is odd considering it’s about the Rapture.

Watch Planes Online Not a whole lot of details about the little girl have been released to the general public, but according to E! Online, we have been given a name. Considering how many wild alien characters George has coined over the years, the little girl’s handle certainly could have gone off the deep end, but luckily for her, it’s within the bounds of common thought. From this point forward, she will be known as Everest Hobson Lucas.

Watch Percy Jackson Sea of Monsters Online Will the book reveal the secrets behind salon-quality hair? Looking manly while wearing a sombrero or a giant fur collar? So many options. Mark your calendars to break out of your glass case of emotion and get a copy of the book on November 19.

Watch 2 Guns Online Back in 2006, Jonah Hill took a small role in the Judd Apatow directed film 40-Year-Old Virgin and turned it into large parts in Accepted and Superbad. Now, he puts his own projects together (like the brilliant 21 Jump Street), toplines movies, has 7 upcoming roles listed on his imdb page and has made us all laugh in films like Cyrus and Get Him To The Greek. Oh yeah, he also got nominated for an Academy Award for Moneyball.

Watch The Spectacular Now Online Back in 2007, Ken Jeong took a small role in the Judd Apatow directed film Knocked Up and turned it into larger parts in Role Models and The Hangover, as well as a co-starring slot in the cult classic Community. Now he’s the goddamn face of Coke Zero and has been in an incredible number of television shows and movies including but not limited to Despicable Me, Pain & Gain, Transformers: Dark Of The Moon, The Goods, Party Down and Pineapple Express. He just released Turbo and moving forward, he’ll be featured in both Spy and Norm of the North.

Watch The Purge Online Back in 2007, Clark Duke took a small role in the Judd Apatow produced film Superbad and turned that into larger roles in as well as a co-starring slot on the show Greek. Later, he was able to land a lead in Hot Tub Time Machine, and this past year, he was featured regularly on the final season of The Office. Coupled with work on two yet unreleased films, his resume, from the outside, is similar to the others at various points, but there’s just no momentum there at all. There’s just the occasional sputter.

Watch The Heat Online While I have no idea how large a role he’ll play in the film, Jeremy Strong looks nearly as identical to the killer Lee Harvey Oswald as one could hope for, though he doesn’t have the cocksure swagger that Oswald put forth. I try to imagine if this bent over Zac Efron is the kind of guy I’d want handling the dying president’s body, and my first through third answers are no. He plays Dr. James Carrico, the first doctor to examine Kennedy after he was brought in. Marcia Gay Harden plays nurse Doris Nelson, a nurse on the scene who was widely quoted afterward as to what the back of Kennedy’s head looked like when he was brought in.

Between 2007 and 2011, I was convinced Clark Duke would turn into a star. With a sophistication and a good sense of timing that set him apart from most other chubby comedians and a close friendship and web show with Michael Cera, he seemed poised to morph into an A-list actor. Regardless of what release this weekend might tell you, however, his career is most definitely spiraling in the wrong direction, and to be honest, I can’t figure out why. From Greek to Hot Tub Time Machine, he’s been really good every time he’s been given a chance. A Thousand Words, and he has a very similar, time-tested pedigree to others in almost the exact same position who have made it. And yet, he still hasn't.
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