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Leafs: Why bother.

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I don't know why you Leaf fans just don't give up! The Leafs suck, you have to realize that they won't make the playoffs this year. Especially with players like Anthropov, Kaberle, Mcabe, and Sundin on the team. Ferggy J.R. should have been fired a long time ago.

On the remote chance that they do make the playoffs they will quickly exit 4-0, wouldn't matter who they play against, even Philly would knock them out in 4.

I gave up on the Leafs 2 years ago, finally smartened up and went with a real team/organization, the Habs. You guys/girls should wake up and do the same!
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In all honesty, I do sometimes ask that question myself.

Then I realise that (at least in my case) with all the pain and agony this organisation continues to put its fans through, the people running the team are getting older. I'm not exactly old, so I would say it makes sense for now... maybe in 10 years if things continue to go the same way then I'll have to think up a exit plan, but not any time soon.

The small glimmer of hope will continue to be the young talent that the Leafs currently have (Kyle Wellwood, Alexander Steen, Matt Stajan, Carlo Colaiacovo on roster, and prospect Justin Pogge). And yes, I'm well aware that we will have to continue to hope that they don't get traded away ala "long list of Leafs that management didn't like".

As for the players you named above: Yes, I'll agree that about Nik Antropov and Bryan McCabe aren't of much help, but Tomas Kaberle and Mats Sundin do have their uses. Kaberle is a good offencive defenceman for the team, and Sundin... well he's only the best player the team has had for quite a while now. He may leave if h wishes. I actually prefer it really, he deserves better than what the rest of us fans have to go through. He deserves his Stanley Cup, and I don't blame him if he remembers is 35 year old now and finally bolts.

You being a Habs fan, I know the first thing you'll want is for us to jump ship and join you guys... or just leave the team for the sake of it being Toronto. That's the way it is, and the way it likely always will be.

But, no. With all the non-movement this team has and will have on Trade Deadline day for years to come, and with all the complaints I'll have to throw out on them for yet another mid-boggling move, I'll say what I've said years ago when this garbage started to surface with the newer guys in the MLSE:

I'm in it for the long haul, and if I'm in it for the long haul then I'll have to bear the boneheadedness of the people running the organisation. Why? Because I'll always remember that I was cheering them on before the "Peddies", and "JFJs", and etc came along.

They're no the Leafs I cheered for, the Blue and White, and the players that have come and gone to thrill me time and time again on the ice (Gilmour, Nieuwendyk, Joseph, Roberts, etc), or the grit that gave them a bit of hope (Tucker).

They're just the guys who came along to make a mess of things. That's how I see it.
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