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Canadian Press
9/15/2006 4:50:50 PM

TORONTO (CP) - Hal Gill likes what he sees in a new NHL instruction video for defencemen.

It shows Chris Pronger defending against Brendan Shanahan in front of a net, and it details what referees will and will not allow when the new NHL season begins Oct. 4.

The way the new Maple Leafs blue-liner sees it, refs will not rush to punish defencemen just because an opponent falls. It's part of the crackdown on diving the league just announced.

The six-foot-seven, 250-pound American had difficulties adjusting to the strictness on obstruction fouls last season with Boston and led the Bruins with a career-worst 124 penalty minutes.

"The game always needed open ice and speed and that's great, I'm all for that," Gill said after his new team's first on-ice workouts Friday. "The thing I love about hockey is battling.

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