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They had the lead, but they let it slip.

On the other hand, there are still a ton of positives to take from the game, and I don't do that often.

- Raycroft was solid in net yet again. A few more games like that, and I'll have to admit he's playing well. He turned away 31 of 33 shots. Hopefully he continues the tradition of great goaltending toronto has had in the last decade.

- Wellwood's been good on that top line with Mats.No goals for him yet, but he had another assist to lead the league with 5.

- Tucker's play from last year is still carrying over into 06/07. He'll be good if he keeps playing the way he's playing.

- We're not going insane over the blueline yet. McCabe is still continuing to pull of unnecessary moves and talking needless risks, but over all it's okay. They're doing a good job in front of Raycroft for the most part.

- Other than Belak taking Suglobov's place (which I don't like), the offencive lines have, for the most part, stayed the same. Chemistry? I also like that Battaglia is still in there. O'Neill's been giving us spurts here and there, but he's gotta' show something. The team needs him for them to be successful. He must find his game.

- Speed isn't killing as much. Gill hasn't been a complete statue out there. He looked quite comfortable against Ottawa the other night. Like I said before, didn't see the whole game thoroughly, but so far I'm not hearing much bad about his play.

- New attitude. New pace. New hustle. PM's done a great hob so far. Hopefully he keeps it up.

Tomorrow they play Gary, Joe, and the Florida Panthers. Hopefully they cap off a good Thanksgiving with a win.
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