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NHL Hockey News - Leafs chalk up loss to 'off day' -

October 19, 2006

Michael Peca returned to the lineup in Toronto's 4-1 loss Wednesday after missing one game with a lower-body injury.

TORONTO (CP) -- Everyone has an off day.

For Michael Peca, that's the only explanation needed for Toronto's flat effort in a 4-1 loss to Colorado on Wednesday night. The Maple Leafs didn't show many signs of life against the Avs, but the veteran Peca believes it's bound to happen to every team over a long season.

"It's the way of life," he said Thursday. "You're never going to do anything perfectly all the time or be happy with what you do all the time.

"I wake up some days and have days when I'm not the best husband or the best dad or the best hockey player. That just happens."

It doesn't mean he or any of the Leafs were happy with their play against the Avalanche.
I hope so. It was not a good game for them, and except for bursts here and there, they didn't seem like the Leafs team we've been getting so far this season.

Hopefully they can get things together again and have a good hard-working game against the Columbus Blue Jackets.

I don't think it'll be easy though, they're a much improved team this year, and Fedorov may be set to return.
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