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Leafs back to inonsistent ways

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That's how it is right now. This "mini-slump" is already hurting them. Right in the middle of a race for home-ice is not the best time to start looking like the Leafs of old. They've lost their edge and have lost 3 games in a row, along with their 2-6 record in their last 8 games.

Their offence is also sputtering, and they've been looking very lazy in the defencive zone. They're back to many mad scrambles in the crease a game and not being bale to get out of their own zone for nearly a minute.

They've also lost major ground on Buffalo, who now has 3 games in hand and still the same amount of points (10) spread out between the two teams.

They better come out with a shell of an effort in Montreal on Saturday. Toronto trails both them and Carolina by 1 point, but Montreal has 3 games in hand.
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I'm not complaining a bit!!!:D
Yeah, it's been a little rough but I expect the team to get back on track soon. They only play three games against teams with more point than them but I know what you mean about the sloppy defensive play and mindless Leafs in-action. All to freak'n predictable.
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