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Leafs a happy bunch

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Is the absence if Tie Domi the reason why the team has a certain... "freshness" about them?

Leafs a happy bunch

Absence of Domi dynamic and a new coach has younger players more at ease
By KEN FIDLIN -- Toronto Sun

Nobody has ever proven that perfect locker-room Karma is a prerequisite for winning at professional sports.

In fact, lots of teams steeped in tumult have ridden their talent and their professional work ethic into the winner's circle without subscribing to the peace-love-dove concept. But there's no arguing that harmony in the dressing room makes the ride a lot more pleasant.

It's hard to put your finger on any one reason but, for what it's worth, this seems like the most congenial Maple Leafs locker-room in years.

It could be any of a half-dozen reasons or a combination of all of them. Who can tell? What's easy to identify is that there's clearly a more relaxed atmosphere this year.

Winning helps, but the Leafs often have been accustomed to winning (games, not championships) in the past. Maybe it's the absence of the Tie Domi dynamic, which may have rattled some young nerves in the past.
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It makes sense... or, I could just be saying that because I don't like the guy. :p

Though in all honesty, this does feel like a different team. They're all pulling in the same direction, and they communicate well on the ice.
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