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Note that this was written prior to the free agent signings and player defections:

1) Free Agents not traded or signed last season.
This one has not come to a conclusion yet, and it even might work out after all, but still it's a bad situation that should have been resolved last season. Lou may have dodged this bullet with Rafalski, but some think Rafalski should have been traded nonetheless. Either way, Lou has allowed two FA's to escape his control and gave them the ability to walk while recieving nothing in return. If Gomez also stays, some will say that Lou is a genius, but others will say it was a foolish risk and that they would have preferred him traded for less expensive players.

2) Lack of Coaching.
This team hasn't been properly coached or trained since 2003. The Devils are awful defensively, and despite so many talented forwards on the roster, they average only 2 goals per game. The Devils often looked confused in both ends of the ice, this is a coaching issue, since the talent is definately there.

3) 3rd Line lacks an offensive counterpunch.
One of the best ways to create defense is put the opposition on defense. A pure goal scorer on the RW position would help keep the opposition from pinching deep on the Madden line, it would also free-up Brylin to be used as a 4th line center.

4) Brodeur played way too many regular season games.
This is the second year in a row that Martin Brodeur went flat during the playoffs, no more personal records, it's time to do what's right for the team and rest Brodeur. Also, as a coaching tool, the way to get the team not to rely solely on Brodeur to win games for them, is to make them play to support the back-up goalie.

5) Lack of credible Back-up Goaltenders.
Without enough NHL game experience given to the back-up goalies, no one has any idea what we have on the bench including the goalie himself. Lou needs to prepare the team for a Brodeur injury, and give the back-up goaltenders confidence building experience under fire.

6) Cam Janssen
Never in NHL history has so many games been given to a guy that can't play hockey. This situation is insulting to the all the rookies around the world who can.

7) Lack of a credible two-way 4th Line.
The biggest reason this team is not competitive in the playoffs is the 4th line that averages only 2-5 minutes per game. There actually is a good explanation for this though,---they suck both defensively and offensively!
For the past two playoffs the Devils 3 lines were overworked by stacked rosters whose 4th lines recieved around 10-13 minutes of icetime. You cannot ever beat 4 rolling lines with only 3 lines in the playoffs.

8) Jim Dowd

Q: What is a Helicopter Line?
A: A line without wings.

When Lou aquired Jim Dowd he immediately put this passing center between combinations of three wingers who can't score, therefore Dowd never had a chance to have decent season. Lou should have known better.

9) Rookies under-utilized.
Not enough games were given to rookie players like Minard and Pelley, as a result they go into next season as a big question mark as to their abilities.
David Clarkson was rewarded for playing some great games by first being sent back down, then not being dressed in favor of players like Rassmussen or Janssen. He was finally brought up as a replacement for an injured player, what a wasted opportunity to give him more NHL experience.

10) Erik Rasmussen
This player got more icetime than any other 4th line player, yet he hasn't had a decent season in 7 years, what is Lou thinking?

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