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Kostopoulos suspended three games

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The NHL has suspended Montreal Canadiens forward Tom Kostopoulos three games on Monday for a hit on Toronto Maple Leafs defenceman Mike Van Ryn on Saturday night.

Kostopoulos knocked Van Ryn into the boards from behind in the first period of the Toronto's 6-3 win. Kostopoulos was given a major penalty for boarding and ejected from the game.

'' First and foremost, I sincerely regret the injuries suffered by Mike Van Ryn,'' Kostopoulos said in a statement. ''This is an unfortunate turn of events. I was just trying to get in on the forecheck and get the puck. I didn't anticipate him turning and couldn't stop. I was trying to finish my check and obviously it did not end up well. I never intend on injuring another player. I feel bad. I hope he is going to be all right and resume playing as quickly as possible.''

Van Ryn suffered a concussion, a broken nose, a broken bone in his hand and a cut to his forehead. He is expected to miss a month.

The 29-year-old Kostopoulos has only had one previous suspension. He was suspended for one game in November of 2007 for going after Boston Bruins' Mark Stuart late in a fight-filled contest in Montreal.

Kostopoulos will forfeit almost US$33,000 in salary and will miss games against Ottawa, Boston and Philadelphia.

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Good for you.

The fact remains, that the NHL, and NHLPA agreed that it was a dirty hit. If TK were on another team, I doubt you'd be as persistent, which does illustrate your bias. Hey Im not gonna lie, if this hit were on another player, from another team, I wouldnt be either.
We are both entitled to our opinions, and mine reflects the majority.

But the fact remains, he is suspended.
Can you show me where the NHL and the NHLPA agreed that it was a dirty hit? I must have missed that. They punished him mostly due to the injury suffered.

As for the bias, if you think that you know how I feel better than myself, you're quite the person! As I've stated before, I don't blame Sauer for the hit on Kostitsyn (remember, a Habs' player?). Bias?
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