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Kings recent game discussion.

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Not likin' the idea of 50/50 2 wins 2 losses but I am liking the shift in gears here. Lots of improvement in the special teams area and a tough crowd at the blue line as well as guys who can put it in the net all around. :bt
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Damn! How close... lost 4-3 to the Avalanche last night. Oscar Moller and Drew Doughty got their first NHL goals. Oscar's was kind of random but Doughty's was on the money perfect. 1-1 in the first. in 2nd, became 2-2, then they scored two more by the end of the 2nd. murray put ersberg in net for the third and the final score was 4-3. o sullivan got the second goal for us. no goals on ersberg. still 23 for 23 on the penalty kill. good game, bad loss.
4-0 LaBarbera shutout against the Blues. Rumor is Sarah Palin is a Kings fan because Legace tripped on her carpet to drop the puck and may have pulled a muscle. Blues' giant rookie goalie went in. I thought he was good. But still let 2 goals in.
5-4 loss to Preadtors. We crept up on them in the third but couldn't tie it up before the buzzer... 3 goals on LaBarbera in the first. Ersberg put in after and let 2 goals in, don't know how many shots faced. I think Stoll or Sully got 2 goals and Dustin got one. Close one.
I'm going to give you the benefit of the doubt. Our motto used to be best the best and lose to all the rest. But after the shutout loss with Detroit and the scoreless loss on the Canucks, the sky looks gloomy. Literally, it's finally gloomy here in LA. The Kings have had a lot of work to do and change making everywhere in our play. Going by stats, you obviously get the benefit of the doubt. Going on luck... we'll see...
I was really excited about Erik Ersberg starting the last game. I think it did pay off and I think he deserves another start as a reward for a real close loss and a near shutout. THe game against the rival Ducks went 0-0 into overtime but Pronger got that lucky shot in overtime as it was 4 on 3. Man in the box. Pronger took advantage of the dying seconds of the PP and hit one off the bar. It was a tough loss for Ersberg who could have had another shutout to add to his great shutout to games played ratio, but Giguere gets it instead. Boo.
Erik Ersberg has been getting the spotlight from the Kings as he keeps the Kigns going for 2 victories after a losing streak that plagues the Kings season every year. Ersberg keeps the Kings up in games against the Panthers and the Blues. Kings beat Panthers 3-2 and the Blues 5-3. Both games quite close. The Blues game was 4-3 with an empty net at the end and Brown put one in it from center ice. Kings jump from nearly last place to 23rd with room to move forward.
Shootout win against Dallas Stars. I went to the game. T'was great. Great stuff. 2-2 by the end of the third period and through the entire overtime in which we were shorthanded some of the time from the big Dustin Brown Brenden Morrow scrap over Brown's bad hit on Ribiero or whatever who got his revenge on the shootout goal. However, Wayne Simmonds nailed a great backhander and Frolov put one through Turco leaving Ersberg a chance to win the game and he did. Dustin Brown also put Robidas over the boards into the Kings bench for a little crowd support. Kaboom! Kings move to 21st place.
Another close win against the Stars on a one-day away trip to Dallas. 3-2 by the end of the third. Really intense play great game. Lots and lots of penalties and a lot of great special teams efforts on both ends. Kings able to hold off the Stars in the dying seconds with the empty net and the extra man. Pick up another 2 points. I don't know where that puts us. :)
Kings fall to Predators 3-1 and to Ducks 2-0. Both games were pretty sloppy and didn't see the solid defensive play the Kings usually put up especially in the neutral zone. We also couldn't get that puck in the net when we should have.
Kings fall to Avs in shootout. Good game. New jerseys. Good sh*t.
Kings have a mentality-changing loss to the Flames 6-2 as Ersberg lets in 4 and LaBarbera goes in to relieve... then the Kings have LaBarbera in for a 2-1 win over the Oilers. The Kings also have a 5-2 win over the Blackhawks which ultimately puts them in 18th place in the league with 23 points.
Kings lose in the third period during their Maple Leafs game and their Coyotes game. I went to the Oilers game last night and the Oilers were up 3-0 after the first. The Kings switched Ersberg for LaBarbs in the second and the Kings came back with 4 unanswered goals to take the lead by the 3rd. Then, in the third, the Oilers tied it up and sent it to OT and a shootout, where the Kings fell, though they put a good fight. Barbs made a terrific glove save on one of the Oilers' shots and O' Sullivan put one in the net to keep the Kings alive in the shootout... phew
Kings shut out Blue Jackets. Snap skid. 2 goals by Calder and Simmonds and Kopitar gets an empty net to seal the deal. Thank god.
Kings, for whatever reason, lose 6-1 to the Colorado Avs who pepper a frustrated, or frustrating, LaBarbera with shots and of course goals. Not sure if LaBarbera was ever pulled the whole nite... I dunno...
Kings bounce back frmo Avs game and beat Blues 6-2 almost the same score as their loss with them on the winning end this time. And then they pick up another win against the Wild who play a tight game that goes 2-1 in the third and the empty net goal puts the Kings for a 2 goal lead to win. Erik Ersberg in net, gets first star in Wild game.
kings lose close game to Sharks that goes to a shootout where LaBarbera can't hold the Kings through for a victory. Ersberg goes out in the first period with injury and now the Kings are really in a pickle. Though the point helps...
Kings lose another close game that goes into OT, we get a point. The Rangers, however, score during the sudden death overtime period as LaBarbera lets one past him up top. I would say that the penalty shot was questionable but **** happens. 3-2 OT loss. Kings almost in playoff range...
Kings lose 5-0 to Buffalo. Simply sloppy. And LaBarbera gotstago...
Kings lose 6-4 to Red Wings. I think Kings were up 4-3 and then the Wings tied it up. Then put another one in to gain the lead and draw the empty net goal, which some don't think went in... whatever.
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