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Kane vs Cooke

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I know most of you have probably already seen this, but for those of you who said Cooke had it coming for the hit he put on Savard, you're right. Here's karma, in the form of a right hook from Evander Kane. enjoy
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That's a great pic by the way.
I know fools who will insist hockey fights are sham.

How do you fake a face like that ?
Looking at that again, you can clearly see that the punch missed, a masterful display of theatrics.
in that case, it is pointless.
Actually pointless to even bother posting here.

And yes, for those lacking cerebral function, my earlier post WAS sarcastic. All these forums, even the hockey fight forums, seem to be populated by white, middle class goobers from the suburbs who have never been in a real fight and would only react with cries of 911 !!!!! if they ever managed to be forced into one.
White middle class goobers from the suburbs are tough as nails...
I'm assuming THAT was sarcasm and you are one of the few people who have any sense of reality.
1 - 4 of 42 Posts
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