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Kane vs Cooke

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I know most of you have probably already seen this, but for those of you who said Cooke had it coming for the hit he put on Savard, you're right. Here's karma, in the form of a right hook from Evander Kane. enjoy
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Haha oh man, haven't seen a KO that crisp since Orr put Fedoryk out cold.

I didn't think Cooke had anything coming to him in particular for his hit on Savard, as quite a few other players have crossed the line as well, but how great was it that Cooke actually hunted Kane down to go after him only to get brutally KO'd. He should be thanking Kane for hanging onto his jersey, keeping his unconscious skull from bouncing off the ice. How embarrassing...

That's a great pic by the way.
is there a reason to go after Kane who punished a guy nearly everyone in the league hates? to establish some sort of a domination in the league or something? I don't think Kane wanted to do anything: Cooke got what was coming to him from the least suspected opponent. I mean, anyone can go after anyone in any given game. do you, guys, think that players actually plan in off-season who they are going after next season? even in the days of goons policing the ice it was never the case unless retribution was on order for prior misbehavior.
Lol my man you're misinterpretting every sentence on this thread!
it is not what you said, it is how you said it. my admitting to what I should or should not do does not require your approval. no need to try to recruit others on this thread to defend you either...
You sure know how to brighten up a room, huh?
1 - 3 of 42 Posts
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