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Kadri is out for 3-4 weeks. Good or bad? You prefer Frattin? Or would Kadri be better served centering the Medi-vac line?

Can we call them the Medi-vac line. Kessel, hurting, Connoly, upper body injury. Lupul,has history. Due any day now? I'm starting to think if the three ever manage to play 15 in a row together it will be a miracle.

Reimer has given up some early and easy goals. Cause for concern?

Looks like he is down early to me. With the league wide memo to go high glove side, is this a big problem?

Rebound control is not looking to good either. Read an article where during practice Phaneuf buried a rebound and made a comment. Can he improve or is there just something mystical about him that gives the leafs confidence to come back in any game?

Or is this the year of Ben Scrivens, who will earn the right to be atleast the back up but be sent to the Marlies anyway. Then be called up and put on a show for the rest of the league.

So many questions this year. Already the gods have intervened. For better or worse we will have to wait and see. Kadri's injury gives Frattin carte blanche for 3-4 weeks on the 3rd line. If Connolly's injury is nagging does Lombardi or Bozak take the reins and go crazy? OR Does Connolly come back and play? If he does is he any good? I'm not impressed with him so far. Too bad I had high hopes.

Who goes down to the AHL on D? Gardiner has easily earned a spot on any team's top 6 except maybe this one. Will Komi be sat or sent down? After the way he gelled with Phaneuf last season is Aulie's job really at risk?
Can Gunnersson keep his #5-6 spot?

Bottom line can this team make the post season?

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I don't see them making the playoffs, no. But in the East, you never know. If they were in the West? Not a chance in hell are they a playoff team.

Agreed also about the injury concerns. Burke has built this new team so that if things don't work out he can just use injuries as an excuse.
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