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Hi my name is Kevin Vu
and ive been a Quebec/Colorado fan for forever.
im just putting up this thread becuase its the frist ever thread ill ever make in this whole forum and its the only time that i will be sry.
im 13 born in montreal
( im vietnamesse ) peope think asian people aren't that good in hockey but i'm my self is the only asian captin i have ever known . i play in montreal AA rdp im the captin
well i quit a few years ago
the 100% question is

will joe sakic ever quit will sakic ever bea steve y. stats
and will joe sakic leave the colorado avalanches?
becuase to me joe sakic is my idol ever since ive played hockey.
im just 100% curious becuase ive herd some rumors that he is going to vancover canucks because his family is there and he wants to do the Oympics
i don't care about him moving him to vaocer but i dont want him to leave the AVALANCHES and him leaving it will cruch my life

the guy that lives in front of my house .. hes italian
and was playng with roberto Lungo when he was in junior AAA or AA i dunno but ive herd some awsome stories about lunago and people in detroit that was in montreal
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