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For years it seemed (to me at least) that he's been holding back from being the kind of player he should be. Every year, as good as he did (which wasn't bad), it always seemed like it wasn't enough. He played well in stretches here and there, but I just couldn't see him as a top 2 guy... At least, not on the Leafs.

The hype was always there for him, but his play just wasn't good enough IMO. It was undeserved.

However, now with a few changes made to the club this year, he finally seems to be on his game at both ends of the ice.

I always saw him as overated, and I didn't see why he was praised as much as he was... still don't really. He wasn't anything special for Toronto.

I mean, of course he could carry the puck and make some beautiful plays... but he didn't shoot the puck. It was almost as if he were scared.

And defencively, as good as his position was (and it was quite good to be honest) he didn't do a good job of taking the man. It wouldn't be true to say that he was always fishing... he did it a lot, it was more of him being overpowered time and time again.

This year however, he's playing the body much more effectively, and his play i nthe defencive zone looks as good as it can be for now. It really helps.

And most of all, HE'S SHOOTING THE PUCK!... and yet again, it helps... a lot. It brings an extra threat to the blueline and Toronto offence in general, and it leaves the opposing teams guessing with McCabe, White, and Kubina also having good shots from there (Colaiacovo too, but I can't say much about him right now now).

In short: I think that Kaberle is finally starting to look like a more complete defenceman than he ever has for the Leafs. Be it the coaching change and Paul Maurice's effect to get the best out of every player, the aqcuisition of friend and fellow countryman Pavel Kubina, or him just realising that he's better than he's been, there is no doubt about it, he is at whatever his best is right now.

With that said, I want other people's opinion on the matter.

Is Tomas Kaberle finally on his way to reaching his full potential?
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