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Is the coach soft?

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Just wondering if anyone else thinks that the coaching is soft or is it just me, I'm sure Kitchen know's the game, but does he have what it takes to move the team to the next level? I've heard some people say we are better than last year, but are we really? It looks like the players are making somewhat of a honest effort, but some are still taking unneccesary penalties, and have been doing so for that last couple of years, This is why I'm questioning the coach, what are the steps he's taking to stop the penalties? Dont get me wrong I'm not bashing the team just kinda bumbed out. :dunno:
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Penalties and Brewer

What is worse, the rediculous penalties or Brewer?
jamdaddy33 said:
What is worse, the rediculous penalties or Brewer?
Everyone is complaining about the rev's, your not alone here!!

Kitchen knows the game very well, but it doesn't mean the players are listening.

In my opinion, they are better than last year, but they still have a long way to go.

We don't know what goes on in the locker room either? :dunno:
First thing's first of course: They should be better than last year. They have much more firepower. Weight is playing well now.

On the other hand, it's all names. Stempniak has stepped up big time, but it hasn't been enough. Maybe something isn't right with the chemistry. If not so, than it's gotta' be the Coach. We'll have to wait a bit longer into the season to see if perhaps things are getting too hot for Mr. Kitchen. Perhaps into mid December.

2nd: I guess Eric Brewer is a bust. I remember how overated he was in Edmonton. He was playing well until 2002, and then, well... that's all. He just doesn't bring enough to his game IMO.
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