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By: Amanda Lynn.

Detroit -

The wings have had their shares of ups and downs, but after the 2-1 win the other night they are hoping to turn around their game and get back to their winning ways.

This proves, it can be done! but would a tough guy be a good idea? alot of people would say yes! I say yes, the reason being there is not enough grit in this hockey club.

The question was posed in the Detroit News as to weather Holland would want an Enforcer or not, this is what he said "Would I like to have a guy, or a couple of guys in the lineup, who could play regular (minutes) and handle themselves with the fisticuffs? Yeah, I would love it."
"I just have a hard time with players that you can't put out on the ice. As you go game to game to game to game, there's a lot of teams that don't have those kind of (enforcer) guys."

Different players such as williams may be out this up and coming game to recover, that same knee on knee bumping is going on . The on ice surface can be used for one of two things. playing a good flowing hockey game, or taking aggression out on a non - physical player. now, pause and think, which would you want to see.

Some of us may say, more physical, some may say Id like to see alot of flow. But as hockey is there has to be a little of both.

If not you have all this pent up anger that shouldnt be there. sometimes its good for a lil drop of the gloves. but within reason.

There have been some improvements such as Hasek, he had twenty saves last game, the team is starting to pick it up. Hopefully we do not flop during trades this year, hopefully we do sign a scorer/ enforcer. Todd Bertuzzi, HINT, HINT

PS: i made a blog about this, about three weeks ago, I want to know what ya all think?
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