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I thought this would be a fun to play here at Hockeyforums

Internet Hockey Scavenger Hunt


1. To reply you must find a picture on the net, and post the picture of the hockey object requested in the post before yours.

2. Only 1 PIC per request please

3. The request MUST be reasonable and within the rules of the hockeyforums

4. Only the person who found the item may ask for another item, in the event that two people answered the post back to back with an item requested, the person to answer first is the one to request another item be found.

5. In the event none can find the item requested, then a new item will be requested by the last person who submitted the find request.

Example of request : Find me an old hockey stick

Now who ever posts a pic of an old hockey stick will get to ask us to find something.

I will start. . . . . . .

Find me a hockey jersey with a beaver in the logo.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts