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The Biggest news coming out of the IIHF is the possibility of seeing the IIHF World Championship go from 16 to 14 participating teams.

The IIHF is looking at the possibility of going to 14 teams, divided into two groups of seven," Sports Committee Chairman and IIHF Vice President Kalervo Kummola confirmed. No timeline for the potential change was specified. But if the the next congress approves the Sports Committee proposal, the new format could be in place possibly for 2010 (Germany), 2011 (Slovakia) or 2012 (Finland)."

The Other news is after a review, Armenia and Greece have retained their status within the IIHF, and will take part in a qualification tournament with Bosnia-Herzegovina prior to the 2008 Division III championship in Luxembourg. this will be the first time that Bosnia-Herzegovina take part in the World Championships.
SOURCE: National Teams of Ice Hockey
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