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Iginla being sued for $3 million

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Iginla slapped with lawsuit

Home builder seeks over $3 million in damages for what firm calls breach of agreement

What was supposed to be a dream come true for a Calgary home builder has turned into a nightmare after Jarome Iginla abruptly booted the company from constructing his mansion.

And now Hammer Homes Building Corporation is seeking in excess of $3 million in damages from the Calgary Flames captain for what it says is a breach of their agreement.

A statement of claim filed by Hammer says Iginla removed its employees from the site on Oct. 17, and stated another contractor would finish the work.

A letter from Iginla's lawyer later that day said construction was to be immediately suspended and any attendance on the property by Hammer staff would be considered an act of trespass.

"The letter contained no basis, legal or otherwise, upon which the defendant suspended construction ... other than to cite vague, unsubstantiated and frivolous allegations of impropriety on the part of the plaintiff," the lawsuit states.

The court action says Hammer had hoped to use Iginla's celebrity to boost business, but instead has now lost reputation because of the star player's conduct.

The statement, a copy of which was obtained yesterday by the Sun, says the company even agreed to build the home at a cut rate because of Iginla's fame.

The base price for the southwest Calgary residence was set at $3.3 million, at least $200,000 lower than its actual worth, the lawsuit says.

"The defendant used his celebrity to suggest that it would be in the plaintiff's best interest to lower its asking price substantially," it says.

"The defendant's breaches of the agreement ... had an immediate and catastrophic effect upon the plaintiff's business from a goodwill and reputation perspective."

Hammer's deal with Iginla "constituted an extraordinary and unprecedented opportunity for the plaintiff to showcase its work and obtain placement within the local market as the builder of choice for other celebrity figures and high net-worth clients," it says.

The claim seeks nearly $500,000 for unpaid labour and material costs, more than $600,000 in lost profit, plus $2 million in lost future profits because of the damage caused to the company.

A statement of defence disputing the unproven allegations in Hammer's claim has not yet been filed.
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Im sure there's two sides to this story, but if this building company wants a good reputation in Calgary; sueing one of Calgarys biggest icons is not the way to do it.
It would be best for the company to just let it go.
If Jarome is ******* this guy around he deserves the lawsuit, I love iggy but the facts will come out and someone here is being a total douche bag.
If Jarome is ******* this guy around he deserves the lawsuit, I love iggy but the facts will come out and someone here is being a total douche bag.

From what I've seen from Iggy, I would say that this company more then likely took advantage of Jarome's kindness.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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