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Hey guys,

I'm a new follower of Hockey and would just like some clarification to some questions I have. I am a Maple Leafs fan and really want to get into hockey and understand the rules better so I am able to enjoy it more.

Firstly, I need no help with the in-game rules, I am extremely familiar with the game however I do need some clarification on the NHL.

1. Do Western and Eastern conference teams play each other during the regular season (like interleague play in MLB)?

2. Does the Stanley Cup work in the same way as the World Series (Playoff featuring winners from each division and wildcard, and then the final)?

3. How many games are played by 1 team during the regular season?

4. How many games are played in the playoffs and Stanley Cup final?

5. Does the Stanley Cup feature the best team in the Western vs the best team in the Eastern?

6. Does the AllStar game decide anything (eg. home advantage)?

They're just some of the questions I have, if you could help me out I would really appreciate it.

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