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A flowchart is usually a formalized graphic representation of a logic sequence, work or manufacturing process, organization chart, or comparable formalized structure. The objective of a flow chart is to offer folks with a widespread language or reference point when dealing with a project or procedure. Occasionally flowcharts are partitioned into four groups:

Document flowcharts: displaying controls more than a document-flow via a system
Data flowcharts: displaying controls over a data flows within a system
System flowcharts: showing controls at a physical or resource level
Programming flowchart: displaying the controls within a program in a system

Computer programming flowcharts are used to show control flow in a computer program. It is sometimes used to show an algorithm without writing the code. Sometimes they are used for training purposes for beginner programmers who don't know programming codes but can understand graphical symbols in flowcharts. And also, flowcharts can help you understand the complex code more easily, so we need to convert program to flowchart. Here we provide an easy way of how to create a flow chart, you may use this way to transfer C code to flowchart, convert Pascal code to flow chart, and make a flow chart from C++, etc.

The best way to convert program to flowchart
The best way to convert program to flow chart is to use a flow chart creator. Code Flowchart Creator is professional program to flowchart software tool. This software is designed for programmers or document writers, and its main function is to make a flow chart from source code such as C, C++, VC++ (Visual C++ .NET) and Delphi (Object Pascal) programming files. It helps users to understand complex program structures by visual diagrams. When users are editing the source code, it can make a flowchart or NS chart according to that code, the programming will be analyzed to build a visible flowchart that can help users get familiar with the process of the program. The created flowchart can be exported as Visio/Word/BMP files. And it works well on all Windows OS, especially on Windows 7.

How to create a flow chart with flow chart creator.
Step 1: Free download the setup file on official website:
Step 2: Install it on PC and startup the Flowchart Creator
Step 3: Open a source code file and it will automatically generate the Flow Chart on right Window.
Actually, the Flowchart Creator is very easy to use even without any experience. If you want to get more details and advanced setting, please visit the website to get tech info and support.

Moreover, it also provides users with browsing and navigation functions. Those functions will facilitate the process of programmer and come to great help to both senior and junior programmers. The generated flowchart can be used to review source code. It will help examine the whole process of a program and check where errors exist when users are verifying codes. You will never be worried about the complex program structure with the powerful code to flowchart creator tool.
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