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How far can the Calgary Flames go in this years playoffs?

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Somethings tells me in the back of my mind they can do this this year if the can stick to a simple game and hit them hard and play like the Ducks did last year.
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I think it'll depend on their first round match up. If they meet Minnesota and can get on a roll they might have something. If they meet San Jose and can't get going it might be a short visit to the post season.
They are giving San Jose a serious run so far. Keenan is the better coach of the two which might make a difference in close games. Still for them to go far they'll need to get hot in a hurry. This win one, lose one won't get it done.
I think they have certainly put a fear into the Sharks team after tonight's game, that's for sure!! Now lets see if they can put two wins in a row together, because like you said Rids, one win here and one win there will not do it.
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